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Eight great reasons to outsource the hosting of your IT!

  1.  IT resources not available internally
    The reason most businesses choose to outsource is because they do not have access to the required resources within the company. Outsourcing is a viable alternative to building the needed capability from the ground. New businesses or spin-offs should consider the benefits of outsourcing from the very start and long standing businesses to assist with expanding to new markets.
  2. Free up internal resources

    Every business has limits on the resources available to it. Outsourcing permits an organisation to redirect its resources, most often people resources. The organisation can redirect these people or at least the staff slots they represent onto greater value adding activities.

  3. Access to experts in IT hosting

    Dedipower has gained the expertise by working with many clients facing similar challenges. This combination of specialisation and expertise gives companies a potential competitive advantage and helps them avoid the cost of chasing technology and training.

  4. Make Capital Funds Available

    There is a huge amount of competition within most organizations for capital funds. Some of the biggest and important decisions senior management make are where to invest these funds. It is often hard to justify non-core capital investments when areas more directly related to producing a product or providing a service compete for the same money. Outsourcing IT can reduce the need to invest capital funds in non-core business functions. Instead of acquiring the resources through capital expenditures, they are contracted for a predictable operational expense basis.

  5. Improve Company Focus

    Outsourcing lets a company focus on its core business by having operational functions managed by outside experts. Freed from devoting energy to areas that are not in its expertise, a company can focus its resources on meeting its customers’ needs.

  6. Reduce operating costs

    Companies that try to do everything themselves may incur vastly higher research, development, marketing and deployment expenses, all of which are passed on to the customer. An outside provider can reduce a company’s operating costs.

  7. Function difficult to manage, misplaced skill sets in place or out of control

    By delegating responsibilities to an external specialist, companies can hand over activities that are difficult to manage, control and ensure that the right skills are in place, whilst still realising the significant benefits that outsourcing can deliver.

  8. Time to market

    Having a highly proficient hosting company in place can enable companies to gain a competitive advantage by rolling out mission critical programmes that rely on IT support faster and more efficiently – for example to support the expansion of existing services or gaining access to new market areas.

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