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Don’t let outages shut the cloud door

Nothing in the world is perfect. IT solutions, in particular, are prone to going wrong at the most inopportune times. If it’s an important PowerPoint presentation, it can be embarrassing. If it’s your ecommerce site or email, then it could seriously impact your business and your bottom line.

Recent high profile outages which affected high-profile sites such as FourSquare, Reddit, and Quora may have soured you on the idea of cloud hosting, altogether. If you already use cloud hosting, it may be a cause for concern. These concerns shouldn’t be dismissed, but addressed – any organisation using cloud hosting needs to make sure it has the right cloud resilience.

Software is needed to create and access the Cloud and software can fail. The virtualisation software layer that delivers the Cloud is not infallible. But the same is true for any IT platform. At DediPower we believe the key to true resilience is acting before a situation occurs. Through proper planning, processes and back-ups, outages can be handled and rectified with minimal impact on business operations.

To do this, organisations must understand that failure recovery procedures need to be in place for software as well as hardware. The time to restoration after a failure is also mission critical which is why failover should be included as part of your hosting providers Service Level Agreement. This should also include 24/7 system monitoring and support, so situations are dealt with as soon as they arise. Disaster recovery strategies should be agreed and these should include safeguarding back-ups.

Your hosting provider should be able to work with you to give you the levels of reassurance you need, that means tailoring processes not just infrastructure to your needs. The “business risk“ line needs to be drawn somewhere. There is no one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf solution for cloud hosting – beware of those who offer that. Choose a consultative partnership approach instead.

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