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Well here it is, after much chasing from the Web Team and Marketing and a very gentle nudge from the CEO I sit to write my Blog. To be honest, the delay hasn’t been through lack of interest or motivation, but the question of “what to write about first?”

I regularly talk with prospects and clients alike about so many aspects of business and service delivery, or maybe a rant about the many meeting rooms throughout the UK that are thick with words like ‘passion’ and ‘trust’ and yet these things are quickly forgotten once the money’s in the bank. I myself talk fluently about the importance of ‘communication’ and ‘honesty’ in any relationship but with all these possible topics to write about the creative juices were still at a trickle.

What has been increasingly apparent over the last 12 months is the topic of partners and channels in the hosting industry. Let’s define those terms a little more as I see them. A partner / channel partner / referral partner to name but a few descriptions of this model, is a client who earns revenue from placing or referring business into Dedipower. They can either do this by ‘white labeling’ our offering / product portfolio or refer a prospect directly to us and benefit from a percentage of the monthly order value for the life of the contract. (Are you following this? So far so good!) The more business that is placed or referred, the greater the benefits to the partner.

As an example, many creative design houses, who are involved at the early stages of a new website or ecommerce platform are often asked or expected to consult on the hosting. This is not a simple overhead. Uptime, bandwidth availability, support and scalability are areas the hosting provider is expected to bring to the table, yet amazingly a majority of these creative companies have not consolidated and cemented a quality relationship with a trusted hosting provider. Additionally, they do not benefit from lucrative partner schemes to drive an additional revenue channel through their books.

Another example is companies who are delivering or wanting to deliver their products through IaaS (infrastructure as a service) or SaaS (software as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service). They themselves are experts at designing and supporting the application but struggle to get the delivery model right as they have not considered the challenges that are so ever present in the delivery of this type of business model. Those that are aware of the importance of these challenges do not have a single point of contact that they trust to bring to the ‘delivery’ table.

So why do more companies not engage in these models? Is it lack of trust, communication, passion (there it is again!) or something else?

It’s all of these things in small way. We, as a hosting industry have not been as pro-active at sharing this information as we could have, although that’s quickly changing. However, where the gap is still far too wide, is the disconnect between hosting companies and their partners who are themselves delivering business critical web content and high revenue ecommerce platforms without the crucially important input from their chosen Hosting partner/s. Only when a huge traffic spike or ‘software’ issues takes a site down do we get ‘called in’.

Our attitude at Dedipower is delivering a user experience that enables us to be an extension of a clients’ team. I’m not suggesting this is the answer to all things, but surely if every company had the freedom and flexibility to do what they were good at, and trusted their partners to do the same on their behalf, this surely must result in a better service overall.

My plan? Well 2011 sees the continued development of what I consider to be one of the best partner programs in the UK from any hosting provider. And yes, you guessed it, it’ll be done with passion!

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