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DediPower spans three continents to provide global solutions!

Over the last 18 months DediPower has expanded into Asia and North America with hosting hubs in New York and Hong Kong. Originally driven by existing customer demand from the UK and Europe things are changing!

With a range of managed hosting solutions available in our Asian and North American data centres we are starting to build a growing stream of “offshore” clients. We have transferred our experience based on the three data centres we run in the UK to create global reach.

In Hong Kong the data centre has been designed to remove the complexity of managing an IT infrastructure by providing purpose-built facilities. It is designed to data centre specifications specifically with medium to large businesses in mind and is one of the only DCs on HK island to provide two separate power feeds from two disparate power providers, further boosting resilience. As you would expect it embraces our Support with Passion® philosophy, with an SLA-guaranteed 100% uptime. If you are in Hong Kong you will find it located in Central on Hong Kong Island.

In New York we are located in Lower Manhattan, New York City, the Data centre was originally the headquarters of the Western Union. The building has since been converted into a world-class data centre in 1992. 60 Hudson Street is revered as one of the most important telecommunications facilities in North America and one of only two carrier hotels in NYC. This data centre today provides data services for around 400 ISPs.

With data centres in Europe, Asia and North America we are able today to provide global solutions to clients who operate around the world or are who are just locally based.

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