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DediPower Proves to Be Iocea’s Resource Solution for Growth

Commitment to quality of service and delivery ethic drives Iocea to DediPower’s managed hosting.

As Internet retailers increasingly compete directly with high street retailers, reliable and personalised technical support becomes ever more important to customer retention and attraction. Iocea, a leading provider of bespoke ecommerce solutions, has therefore chosen to migrate from co-location and selected DediPower Managed Hosting as its managed hosting provider.

DediPower is now an intrinsic part of Iocea’s core IT strategy for extending its scalability, increasing reliability and mitigating security risks for its current and potential customers. By moving to a managed service, DediPower is now providing 24/7 monitoring and increased functionality, which provides an undisturbed revenue stream for both Iocea and its customers. Iocea’s clients, such as HobbyCraft, Pure Collection and Tredz, also require web solutions that are rich in content; therefore high performance and reliability are even more valuable.

DediPower’s custom built, high-specification, dedicated servers, underpinned by world-class hosting infrastructure, deliver to Iocea’s clients new levels of availability, flexibility and security.

Through the managed hosting service, Iocea customers not only receive exceptional around the clock customer service, but also have access to greater bandwidth, which enables constant availability to their customer sites, driving more traffic and, ultimately, higher conversion rates.

Derek Turnbull, director of Limited, says: “Passion for service is what matters most for CRM and customer loyalty and this gives us an edge over our competitors. DediPower shares this commitment to service by offering us exceptional expertise and support whenever we need it.”

Because of the dynamic web climate in the UK, Iocea also needed a provider which is responsive and quick to adapt to future changing market requirements.

Craig Martin, CEO of DediPower Managed Hosting, added: “After meeting with Iocea, we quickly understood that flexibility and quick response time was vital to support its client demands for greater bandwidth, availability and robust backhaul. Iocea’s customer websites are evolving constantly, as technology advances and consumer trends shift. Our managed services, in-turn allow Iocea to provide outstanding service and performance to their clients.”

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