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DediPower Managed Hosting Helps USA’s Leading Flight Tracking Service Take Off in Europe

Cloud and Managed Hosting expert, DediPower is providing European hosting support for, the USA’s top flight information web site. Offering FREE flight tracking and status reports for both consumer and cargo flights, the website is available in 15 different languages, and now has over 750,000 European users.

Up until now, Europeans have had to rely on airlines or airports to provide online status data for flights. This isn’t always up to date or accurate, particularly when there are delays, and can leave consumers and businesses feeling frustrated.

FlightAware has access to the most advanced flight monitoring systems and data sources in the world and is now able to offer FREE European aviation tracking and information services online – and via new mobile apps – thanks to DediPower’s Enterprise Class Data facilities in the UK.

As a US-based company, FlightAware recognises the importance of hosting European services from Europe in order to guarantee speed and performance. Daniel Baker, CEO FlightAware states, “Having secured a leadership position in the US, we were eager to exploit the huge gap in Europe for a similar service. To do so, we required a highly knowledgeable hosting partner who could build and maintain the robust, high performance infrastructure we required to ensure fast, easy to access web and mobile services in Europe.”

He adds, “We wanted more than just server space to plug into. FlightAware has no staff based in Europe, so we needed a provider that could represent us here by providing a high level of service and outstanding attention to detail. Out of 12 providers considered, DediPower was selected because it offered a bespoke solution and high level of support that was exactly right for us. During the initial installation they proved highly knowledgeable and we continue to be impressed by their expertise and reliability. DediPower has been instrumental in establishing FlightAware’s services in this new and untapped market. ”

Chris Miller CEO of DediPower comments “Representing a ‘best in breed’ information source, is already being welcomed by many European travellers and businesses seeking real time, independent and accurate aviation data. We are delighted to be FlightAware’s European ‘ground crew’ and look forward to being part of its continued growth and success as it extends its European online services even further.”

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