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DediPower helps to make a change for Africa

I can still remember the excitement when I was first going to Kenya. I didn’t know what to expect but one thing I knew, it would be a completely different holiday than any I had experienced so far.

We arrived in Nairobi and stayed one night there. I can’t describe the smell that hit us when we got out of Nairobi airport, it was very humid, smoggy but somehow a pleasing smell. We landed at night and the city to me seemed the same as any other capital city, lots of noise, lots of people everywhere, city lights and taxis.

When I woke up the reality was very different. It was a working day and the traffic was unbelievably horrendous. I have never seen so many Toyota cars together in my entire life, practically no traffic rules apply, it is sort of first come first go. The temperature was so high that you have to put your windows down in the car and then you nearly chocked yourself as the smog was unbearable.

We managed to get to the airport, where we took off for the coast of Mombasa and headed to the hotel where we were staying. On the way I didn’t know if I should smile or cry. The shops and bars along the road are like little shelters mostly with fruit and vegetables with big signs such as Marks & Spencer or ASDA, I even spotted Harrods! Also lots of furniture is sold along the roads. People there sell beautiful hand made solid wood pieces for only a few pounds, although it didn’t look like they were getting much business.

Children were everywhere I looked and for some very odd reason most of them wore woollen hats and thick winter jackets. I guess high street fashion. I have been told that so many of them don’t get to go to school to do secondary education as their parents can’t afford to buy uniform for them. So unfortunately there are lot of begging children. I was approached by a few myself. They come to your car window and because you are stuck in traffic, they just stand there and walk along with your car for even 2-3 miles with their little hand and beg. Their age doesn’t go over 10 -12 years old but usually they are younger than that. My heart was breaking but I had to be strong, as sadly, these kids are part of a gang. Once they are seen to be given some money, it is automatically taken away from them and back on the street they go to beg for more.

On the way to the South coast of Mombasa I saw this little girl on the ferry. She was wearing a princess costume dress. It was probably found by her mum on the tip. It was bright pink with stains all over it. She was not wearing any shoes and just stood there and stared at me. I looked at her and smiled, while I was selfishly thinking how lucky I was all my life. And suddenly she gave me this most beautiful smile like she was the happiest child in the world.

The holiday in Kenya gave me a different view on life and I will always try to go back there. It is a great and stunning Country that just might need a little help and that is why I would like to thank DediPower, we have donated 80 computers to charity and we are planning to do more. The charity sends used computers for children in Africa, to give them the opportunity to get the same level of education as any other children around the world. Hopefully one day, these children will make the difference that Africa needs.

If you have any old equipment you no longer need and would like to help, please visit or And find out more info.

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