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DediPower Asia moves to new data center in Hong Kong

DediPower (Asia) has just moved to a new data center in Hong Kong! The new infrastructure provides improved premises for housing mission critical data. Specifically it boasts the following features characteristic of an enterprise class facility:

  • ISO accreditation to benchmark quality customer service and facilities management
  • Enhanced overseas bandwidth (including China) provided by backbone CPCNet
  • Dual feed from HK Electric and CLP to ensure uninterrupted power supply

Almost 2 years into our Asian operation, we’ve found that Hong Kong- apart from broadband networks covering virtually all commercial buildings and households, has other unique advantages as Asia’s regional hub:

  • Totally liberalized telecommunications sector with no restrictions on foreign ownership
  • Workforce with rich experience in cross cultural collaboration and deep expertise in business – technology integration
  • Strategic location in the center of Asia with easy access to mainland China

According to Invest HK ( ), there are several drivers that will potentially trigger greater demand for our hosting services, including:

  • Organisations are increasingly turning to outsourcing data storage and management needs to hosting companies, so that they can not only save costs, but focus on their core competency.
  • Ranked 8th globally in EIU’s e-readiness survey, Hong Kong is a mature and sophisticated market ready for best of breed business applications. Growth sectors such as cloud computing, digital entertainment, social media are increasing the need for high bandwidth for consumers.
  • The growth of Internet in developing countries surrounding Hong Kong is expected to continue.

As a result, Hong Kong’s compound annual growth rate for the data centre sector is forecast to reach 9-10% over the next 3-5 years. With our new data centre in place, we believe are better able to serve more businesses looking to reach the bourgeoning Orient.

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