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Decision time over private cloud

By Robin Ferris, Solutions Architect

Just like in all major decisions there are a host of factors to weigh up before choosing where to put your organisation’s IT infrastructure. All the big issues such as compliance, audit and regulation, and data sovereignty must be carefully considered to find the right cloud environment for your business needs – not to mention the question of performance.

Decisions around where your cloud or data centre will be located will be one of the highest priorities in many industries. For data processing in real-time, you’ll need a solution that’s located closer to your organisation. For compute capability that doesn’t rely on real-time data, like hosting an email server or CRM system, location will be less of an issue.

The benefits of using private cloud environments, such as Pulsant Enterprise Cloud (PEC), over your own data centre or hosting in-house can be significant.

A building block approach

If you decide to move away from your own colocation, your own hardware, or even out of your own comms room or data centre, your computer storage must go somewhere. It may well be that the best solution for you is to build that out in stages.

With Lego, you often start with a set of instructions and a pile of bricks to build your model. Or if inspiration strikes, a bespoke structure. The only constraints are the amount of bricks available to you and the time/investment it takes to build a more sophisticated structure.

It is this building block approach that gives such flexibility to our Enterprise Cloud. It grows as and how you want it to grow. If your data hosting is currently on-prem and you are looking to expand, we can help you build the cloud structure to be able to do that.

We can then help you to move your computational ability into data centres in our private cloud with links from your offices, or secondary sites such as factories or distribution centres. Then if there should ever be an outage or a major IT issue at one of the sites, the vital foundations of your infrastructure will still exist, sitting within our private cloud.

Switching to private cloud is simple

Private cloud environments, such as our Enterprise Cloud, can bridge the gap between standard cloud services and your in-house data centres. They can also deliver all the benefits of cloud, such as scalability, security, and resilience, using best-in-class hardware platforms and proven cloud delivery and management tools.

At Pulsant, we can provide the necessary support and agility to allow your business to reap the benefits of the public cloud with all the security of a private data centre. This is delivered from our own UK-based data centres.

Moving forward

Regardless of your requirements, building the right foundation when it comes to cloud hosting is vital. PEC provides that base, allowing you to scale up your infrastructure or add new services as your business grows and expand its roster. A new cloud-based infrastructure makes all this as simple as building out your ideas with little plastic Lego blocks.

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