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Data sovereignty – when controlling your data is vital

By Robin Ferris, Solutions Architect

Data sovereignty

The issue of data security is becoming ever more important for business, with worldwide spending on compliance and security forecasted to reach $133.7 billion in 2022, according to Gartner.

Security and control are two major considerations regarding data sovereignty and cloud, as organisations have to ensure compliance of company confidential data or personally sensitive information (PSI). This is often accompanied by the requirement to give assurance to external bodies in the form of audits and logging.

As a result, this lends itself to a private cloud in order to meet compliance and assurance requirements. With private cloud there is the assurance of knowing exactly where your data lives. You always know where the cloud is hosted; safely in your own data centre, on-premise, or in a trusted third-party data centre, such as one owned and operated by Pulsant. This can often assist in helping you pass your audits and evidence these facts.

Adapting to changing times

Antother one of the major reasons more organisations are turning to private cloud is around compliance to changing legislation. Regardless of any political opinion on Brexit, the effect it is already having on business is a prime example of this.

We still don’t know what laws are going to be in place for the management of data between the UK and the European Union. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has not given out any information about this situation yet and the fact is the EU’s rules over the movement of data are just as complex as the World Trade Association’s (WTO). There is significant confusion and lack of direction in the marketplace on this issue.

In light of this we have certainly seen an uptick in customers wanting to talk about using private cloud for their compliance and assurance needs. We have already had customers telling us they need to bring all their data back into the UK, despite the fact that all their employees live in Europe. Companies rightly want to be fully prepared for any changes that will inevitably come along, so we are working with them closely to ensure they are.

Brexit has accelerated the adoption of private cloud-based services as companies prepare for an uncertain economic environment. They will understandably be more cautious with IT spend, and this will drive them towards private cloud.

Take the next step

By working with a partner with a level of expertise such as we have, you can build the right foundation when it comes to private data in the cloud. We can design, deploy and manage a private cloud environment that suits the needs of any organisation.

Ultimately, it’s about knowing your compliance and security requirements, and this in turn, guides you to the correct platform. Private cloud allows companies to bring data into a sovereign area and provides the confidence of being able to meet assurance and audit controls.

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