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Cyber security — everything counts

Cyber Security Threat Landscape

The biggest threat to your reputation? Your customers? Your bottom line? It’s not a giant leap to say that cyber threat landscape and the criminals that operate in this space pose a bigger risk to businesses today more than ever before. And that’s not scaremongering — it’s a fact. Just take a look at some of the high-profile breaches and attacks over the last 18 months.

  • TalkTalk — a breach saw the personal details of more than 150,000 customers stolen
  • Dyn — experienced the largest known DDoS attack in October 2016 bringing down customers like Twitter, Netflix, CNN and The Guardian
  • Lloyd’s Bank — following a DDoS attack, the accounts of 20 million customers were blocked
  • NHS — what started off as a ransomware attack on the NHS spread to more than 150 countries around the world

Of course, following this seemingly never-ending spate of attacks vendors and cyber security experts are all clamouring for your attention. However, the fact remains that while there’s no 100% secure solution, the best cyber security is a pro-active, multi-layered approach. It’s also more than you can do alone. Your business, regardless of industry, probably doesn’t have the resources, in-house expertise or budget to dedicate to putting such a comprehensive solution in place. And that’s okay. Because your business ecosystem is made up of different partners and providers, with each organisation having a key role to play

To put that into context, we’re a hybrid cloud solutions provider, which means we place great emphasis on cyber security. Firstly, because we have a network, our infrastructure and 15 data centres to protect. And secondly, because keeping our customers safe, and giving them constant availability to their data and systems, is part of our business.

Looking at cloud service providers in general, they invest a lot of time, money and expertise in bolstering security and ensuring they are able to protect themselves and their customers — much more than a single company could hope to invest. In turn, they have relationships and partnerships with security experts and / or develop their own solutions to make their infrastructure and systems as secure as possible.

We’re no different. We combine our own expertise, accreditations and risk management frameworks, and resources with those of our expert partners, to develop, deploy and maintain a comprehensive cyber security strategy. When it comes to cloud, we’ve partnered with Alert Logic for the last six years. Alert Logic provides security-as-a-service solutions that combine cloud-based software and innovative analytics with GIAC-certified analyst driven 24×7 services that monitor and assess IT environments, detect inbound threats and comply with fundamental security requirements.

You can find out more about our partnership on our dedicated web page.

Cyber security will remain at the top of the business agenda — not just because 46% of UK companies suffered an attack in 2016, but also because cyber attackers and their methods are getting more sophisticated and organisations can’t afford to fall victim, especially with the deadline for GDPR compliance just around the corner.

Find out more about our security offering and how we can help your business — get in touch with us today.

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