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Customer satisfaction – not just jargon

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As a technology company there’s always the danger of ignoring the human element. This is why we focus quite strongly on customer service, both before and after implementation to complement our cloud, colocation and managed networking services. Of course this could just be marketing speak – but it’s not. It’s a genuine commitment to getting things right, delivering the highest levels of support, and retaining our customers by meeting expectations and keeping them happy.

So what do we have in our arsenal to back up this approach? At the moment we have a 95% customer retention rate, and have been awarded the Royal Warrant in recognition of the continuous exceptional service that we deliver to the Royal Household.

Beyond that, in September 2013 we adopted a customer satisfaction metric to add a tangible element to our customer satisfaction drive. We’re using Net Promoter, an industry recognised metric that not only allows us to monitor our performance, but also gives us an indication of how we match up against other companies in our industry.

After each job is completed, customers are asked to complete a survey regarding their experience of us as a company and the products and services that we provide. In addition to giving us a numerical score, customers are asked to comment and provide specific feedback. We use this feedback to view how our clients perceive us and if there are any areas of improvement we can develop. For example, we are now making changes to the way in which customers view the status of live backups as a result of responses received.

Net Promoter is well regarded in the IT industry because it delivers true feedback. It’s quite difficult to score perfectly as customers are required to give precise feedback – no simple checking of boxes – we can use.

The cloud industry is very much still in its infancy but there have been some excellent advances in its maturity, namely an independently audited security certification for cloud providers. It is equally important to have a customer satisfaction standard, because it’s critical to evaluate our services in a holistic manner so that we achieve a balance between technical excellence and customer satisfaction.

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