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Control the Cloud

The hosting market is crowded, with many new entrants eager to jump on the bandwagon – particularly resellers, who buy hosting capacity and sell it at a profit.

So, how can a CIO ensure they make the best decisions about hosting, and whether to migrate to cloud, with so many options on offer?

Control your hosting options, don’t let them control you. Take your time, consider all the options available. Think about your commercial and operational requirements and perform a thorough evaluation before making your decision. A good hosting provider will work with you to help you through this process and won’t simply push you into the solution they want you to have.

At first glance, hosting can seem to be a one-size-fits-all product but service is a key differentiator. By looking more closely at the small print and demanding more stringent service levels from hosting partners, CIOs can make sure that they have the resilience and the security they need.

And, if an off-the-shelf solution isn’t ideal today, then it won’t be tomorrow. An evolving proposition is necessary; otherwise, your hosting solution won’t keep up with the needs of your business. Everyone wants runaway success. But being a slave to short term returns can cause unnecessary downtime – losing customer trust and quickly turning that success sour.

For all this caution, though, if you’re examining your hosting options and considering cloud, don’t let risk aversion hold your business back. Clutching on to legacy systems is no strategy against risk. New technologies and Cloud offerings can release significant business benefit. An appropriately designed Cloud based solution can offer agility, cost savings and ultimately deliver a competitive advantage, something only possible through working with a trusted hosting partner such as DediPower.

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