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For organisations today “connecting to the internet” no longer means simply using a router plugged into the wall to surf the web. It is how we access our business critical information. However, although vital to the way we now do business, we also take this connection for granted. So long as we have a fast connection it’s not uncommon to simply forget about the actual infrastructure of the internet.

Of course, at Pulsant, we think about it a lot. Our managed network services underpin everything we do, from colocation to fully managed services, it all uses our market leading network capabilities. Making sure our data centres are accessible twenty-four hours a day is vital, and we have to be connected to the rest of the world in a way that’s fast and always on. To be on top of our game we’ve been long term members of the London Internet Exchange, or LINX – and, after almost a decade of being involved with the organisation, I’ve become a member of the board.

LINX is an internet exchange point, part of the backbone of the internet and a vital component in its infrastructure. As members of LINX we take advantage of its members’ networks, interconnecting with them as peering partners to provide direct routes, exchanging data traffic with better control and performance. This give us direct interconnection on one of the biggest exchanges in the world, allowing fast-flowing data with low latency. LINX also provides us with resilience and stability, with several redundant connections ensuring that if something goes wrong, there’s always an alternative route. With these direct, fast, reliable connections to our data centres, our customers can be assured that their data is not just secure, but always available.

LINX is also a campaigning organisation, a collection of ISPs and network operators gathered together with a common mission – working for the ‘good of the internet’. This enables us to be a core part of the policy making process regarding how the internet operates in the UK. After all, the internet is a wonderful resource and has the potential for so much more.

We strongly believe that making sure the internet is open and accessible – both in terms of infrastructure and public policy – is vital to the success of our customers and the general well-being of the new online economy.

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