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State-of-the-art, enterprise-class colocation in Scotland

Pulsant maintains three state-of-the-art, enterprise-class data centres offering colocation services in Scotland, located in and around Edinburgh and with excellent transport links to serve our customers based in Scotland.

A major concern of businesses who are considering placing their IT hardware in a third-party data centre is, “How will my engineers get there?” The distance from your offices to the data centre is an important factor to consider when collocating hardware, as when you need to send your staff to attend your servers for maintenance, distance and travel time can be a significant problem. For many Scottish businesses, a data centre in the south of the UK, no matter how well specified, will simply not be a practical solution.

The obvious solution for a company based in Scotland is to use a data centre based in Scotland, from a provider such as Pulsant. Our Scottish colocation facilities are located at Edinburgh Medway, Edinburgh Newbridge, and Edinburgh South Gyle, and as such are ideally located to serve Scottish businesses.

Why colocate?

All businesses have IT hardware they need to house, whether it’s a handful of servers in the corner of the office or a large estate of multiple servers and associated equipment. These systems need to be in an environment that is secure, reliable, and looked after by experts. But this environment incurs its own cost. Reliable power distribution, cooling systems, and networking must all be installed and then correctly maintained in order for the servers to continue operating optimally. The cost of housing a server, therefore, requires a significant level of capital investment as well as on-going operating expense, and that is simply not cost effective for many organisations.

A cost-effective solution is colocation: housing your IT hardware in a purpose-built data centre owned and operated by a trusted partner such as ourselves. There is no extra capital expense involved in moving to a colocation solution; you simply move your existing equipment into pre-built racks in our data centre and we will look after the costly supporting data centre infrastructure: building fabric, power, cooling, and physical security.

Our colocation services remove the risks and costs associated with running an in-house data centre. Furthermore, because we house multiple customers in the same facility, you benefit from economies of scale which you could not achieve alone, and we can provide you with high service levels at a reduced overall operational cost to you.

Our colocation contract terms are flexible, allowing you to rent a footprint from as small as part of a shared rack up to multiple racks locked in your own secure cage or even a dedicated private room within the facility, depending on your needs, and paying only for the capacity you are using. Billing is monthly, and you do not need to commit to lengthy contract terms if you do not wish to. Furthermore, as your IT needs grow, your data centre footprint can scale accordingly, with none of the up-front capital expense you would need to expand your own on-premise server room.

Typically, businesses find that colocation hosting improves business operations, cuts capital costs and increases the quality and reliability of service that their own customers experience.

Why choose Pulsant’s Scottish data centres?

Managing and maintaining the data centre is our core business. We have been running several large data centres with great success for many years, providing high quality colocation services to our many customers.

In South Gyle, we have the largest data centre in Scotland, offering the ultimate in security, reliability and connectivity for mission-critical IT in a managed and carrier-neutral facility. With 29 telecommunications carriers and ISPs, South Gyle is also one of the most connected, commercially available data centres outside the M25. Featuring 14 separate data halls with a total size of 65,000 square feet and space for almost a thousand racks, South Gyle has the flexibility and capacity to meet any business needs.

Our Newbridge and Medway data centres, while smaller, are purpose-built to the same high specification and offer enterprise-class security, reliability, and connectivity.

Offering three sites all conveniently located yet geographically separated makes us ideal partners in your business continuity planning, allowing you to house backups and disaster recovery infrastructure in different locations while dealing with a single supplier offering consistent excellence of service.

To maintain a high degree of reliability, all of our data centre infrastructure has multiple levels of redundancy. Mains power is generally taken from more than one supplier, and is backed up by on-site generators which automatically engage if mains power is lost. Redundant UPS systems ensure that if one fails, or is taken out of service for routine maintenance, other units will take up the load and provide a true uninterrupted service. Similarly, cooling systems have multiple redundant units, allowing one to fail without impacting the facility’s cooling ability. All of our data centres have multiple incoming lines from multiple telecommunications carriers, providing highly reliable connectivity for your hosted systems.

All of these systems are regularly tested, for example we will simulate a loss of mains power and fail over to generators to demonstrate that they will adequately take the load in the case of a real emergency, with no loss of service.

Because we own and manage the entire environment that houses your servers, all the way down to the basic components such as the power cable to a rack or the hose to a heat exchanger, this provides us with clear visibility of any issue affecting your collocated servers and vastly increases the speed of diagnosis and resolution of issues.

The most important part of supporting all this infrastructure is of course people. Maintaining the building fabric, the power and cooling sub-systems, and the security of the facilities takes dedicated and knowledgeable staff on call 24/7. With your equipment housed in our data centre, however, you have the benefit of our own teams of trained, experienced data centre engineers working for you 24/7.

Security and additional services

Our data centres also offer a high level of physical security for your systems. With multiple levels of access controls, internal and external CCTV, steel perimeter fencing preventing access, and visitors escorted by our staff, you can be sure that your servers are well protected. Our ISO 27001 accreditation for IT security management covers all of our data centres, with the Newbridge and Medway data centres also PCI certified.

We offer a range of optional services to support your collocated IT. Although your own engineers will have full access to your own equipment, we offer a “remote hands” service where our expert data centre staff will perform routine maintenance tasks for you.

Our colocation services are complemented by a flexible and cost-effective range of network connectivity services, connecting you and your customers to your collocated IT with a bandwidth that is correctly sized for your needs. In addition to the multiple third-party telco carriers that connect to our data centres, we can offer a range of managed network services and options for fast, reliable access to the major public cloud providers through cloud-connected racks using our dedicated Cloud Connect service.

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