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One question that comes up time and time again is whether an organisation should move their business applications to the Cloud or not.

The question should be driven always by what you are trying to do. If by Cloud you mean using software on a providers platform (e.g. Microsoft Exchange hosted on Lumison’s Private Cloud model or for salesforce automation) then this is a simple question of outsourcing the pain of managing the services needed to support your organisation.

If however, you mean that you are looking for a virtualisation platform to install your own software on to support, then you are looking for a commodity – compute power and storage on demand, with no management or support – as if the IT environment was a simple water or power supply.

There is no question that many see Cloud as a means to saving money, and there is no question that this indeed can often be the case. However, it is crucial to consider your total cost of ownership. Make sure you understand the cost of supporting the applications if you are buying commodity IT on the cloud, and ensure you have a provider that can support the uptime needed by your application.

Lumison has seen the benefits of Cloud infrastructure and virtualisation close up – moving to our Private Cloud sees customers benefiting from what we call our 80:20 rule – 80% saving in CO2 emission and 20% reduction in costs associated with hosting and supporting their applications.

In addition, IT and service compliance can be tricky in the cloud – so make sure that if you are involved in a regulated sector (e.g. law, finance) that you have chosen a provider that is happy to support the diligence sometimes required to remain compliant with regulatory bodies such as the Law Society or the FSA.

At Lumison, we are not only subject to the audits as part of our ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditation, but support our client’s own audit processes through supporting materials and data centre tours.

So in answer to whether you should or could move to the Cloud, the answer is “why not”? It’s just a question of asking “with whom?”

For a conversation about how you might be able to benefit from Lumison’s 80:20 rule, contact us by emailing [email protected] or call us now on 0845 1199 911.

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