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Classic Car Day

Pulsant Classic Car Tour

Thursday 8th September saw a cracking day of keeping the fleet of vintage cars out of the Cotswolds’ hedgerows and navigating through the Hero instruction sheets — mostly successfully — we’d like to thank all of those who attended.

In the midst of the adventure we did have some great discussions with both existing and potential customers, suppliers, partners.

Apart from new driving styles, a few things became clear. It was clear that software businesses incorporate a range of business models, from pure development, management and support, to hosted and pure SaaS services. As such a range of challenges and opportunities were discussed.

We understand that there are challenges moving to a SaaS/hosted software business model, such as the risk of investing in infrastructure, acquiring technical staff and how to incentivize sales people to sell opex-based contracts.

We also discussed how when moving to a managed software model you benefit from the increased profit, but have the complexity of taking client calls about service / infrastructure performance.

At the other end of the spectrum for those who have provided SaaS for a while, there is the challenge of giving greater flexibility to clients, maybe providing on public cloud (Azure / AWS) or giving dedicated instances for clients so the service can be more bespoke to their needs.

Pulsant has experience in addressing many of these issues and has the partners and suppliers that can help you.

If there is anything you’d like to chat to us about, please get in touch. Remember that our ISV infographic covers the opportunities and challenges.

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