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Business continuity a vital ingredient for SME’s

A recent piece of research carried out by a leading insurer found over 50% of small businesses questioned had no business continuity or disaster recovery plan. Perhaps more worrying around a sixth of businesses questioned felt that there wasn’t a business requirement for one.

At DediPower we know more than most how important it is to have a business continuity plan in place, for us it is one of our core business principles. It is a fact that many major losses of data can cause many companies to go out of business. According to the federation of small businesses 90% of businesses that loose data from a serious event are forced to shut within two years.

Firstly businesses must accept that having a business continuity plan in place is of critical importance. The next step is to start to put a plan in place ensuring that there is data back-up and recovery processes available in the event of a disaster. However many businesses find the idea of putting a back-up and recovery plan in place time consuming and often they don’t have the skills to do it.

With this in mind we suggest that small businesses engage the services of a specialist organisation to assist them in this whole process just as many are now moving to outsource their IT into the cloud.

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