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Since the advent of cloud, vendors have been waxing lyrical about the benefits of the technology. But as we move further down the adoption curve — where cloud is a given — it’s worth taking another look at those benefits to ensure that your business is realising them.

We all know there needs to be a compelling reason to move to cloud in the first place, whether that’s a data centre that’s run out of space, replacing legacy servers or taking something off-premise. It can be used for different things as well, like hosting your email, software development, big data analytics or disaster recovery.

Whatever the reason, are you getting all you can out of your cloud infrastructure?

Looking specifically at AWS, the benefits include agility and elasticity, cost savings, and ease of deployment.

Flexibility is key — being able to scale up or down as you need to i cost-effectively means you can meet the changing needs of your business without breaking the bank or committing to infrastructure that you don’t need.

Costs are cut — if your infrastructure is managed correctly, there are significant cost benefits of using AWS. The obvious benefit is the fact you’re moving to a service model instead of investing in hardware, but there are other savings associated with adoption as well, like the fact you’re only paying for what you’re using and can enjoy lower prices due to economies of scale.

Speed to market — with so many services, APIs and systems already designed for the cloud, getting set and started is quick and easy. From an AWS perspective, this is especially true considering the company has global infrastructure so your deployed applications will always be close to the end-user, which reduced latency and boosts the experience.

The Pulsant benefit

At Pulsant we design, deploy and manage intelligent cloud platforms that enable your growth, spur innovation and support your success. All while remaining secure and compliant. We have a wealth of expertise in cloud and managed hosting, with high-performance infrastructure to match. Our team of AWS solution architects will understand your business and IT challenges and is well placed to work with you to make sure you’re getting the most value from your AWS deployment.

Our Managed AWS service monitors and manages your infrastructure, using next-generation cloud tools. This includes managing access control and identity management for security and traceability; backup services; and carrying out preventative maintenance, as well as preventative security maintenance.