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Your organisation likely undergoes a number of assessments and certifications. And a lot of these traditional assessments are based on reviewing your business according to a specific cyber-security based framework. Those based on cyber security (Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001) require a lot of box ticking and getting ducks into a row. Yes, they’re important to meet regulations, but unless you’re working with a specialised security partner, these assessments rarely take a holistic view of your organisation.

Indeed these frameworks are an ideal place to start, but it’s important to remember being compliant doesn’t mean you’re secure. Compliance helps solidify the foundation for a successful cyber security strategy and helps mitigate risk, but it doesn’t automatically equate to protection.

In addition, with the rate at which the threat landscape (and the threats themselves) are developing, annual assessments aren’t enough; you need to ensure your organisation is protected from threats as they develop.

So where does that leave you?

You need that overall view of your organisation when it comes to cyber security; the one that covers your people, your processes and your infrastructure. This helps you understand where you stand from a security point of view, where the gaps likely are, and what you need to do to plug them. In addition, you’re most likely working with multiple security vendors, using numerous products. How do you know if your solutions are properly integrated? Can you be sure your vendors are collaborating effectively? This also extends to your organisation’s behaviour during and post attack. Do you have the proper means in place to identify a breach or event? Do you have a plan to ensure you can continue operating?

From a personnel point of view, your staff needs to know what your cyber security objectives are, what the threats are, what they need to do from a best practice perspective, and how they can help you mitigate the risk. You can read more about the importance of staff training and the role of human error in our blog: Your business culture and the human element of cyber security

When it comes to your processes, do they just check the compliance boxes, or do they add value to your cyber security? And looking at your infrastructure, where are the gaps in your defence? How can you effectively mitigate the risk presented by cyber criminals?

A cyber security assessment, like the service that Pulsant offers, takes all this into account. In the context of the rapidly changing threat landscape it looks at your organisation holistically, assesses your security posture, your current strategy and aligns that all to your business goals. Importantly, it makes recommendations on plugging any gaps and suggests best practices to tackle the changes needed in your staff, processes and technology.

It looks at your bigger cyber security picture and allows you to mitigate risk more effectively – because it takes everything into account. An assessment like this isn’t a test; it’s not something you pass or fail. Rather, it’s a comprehensive way you and your organisation can improve your security posture and get the most out of your cyber security strategy.

If you’d like to find out more on our Cyber Security Assessment, take a look here.

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