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Are you getting the most from the customer portal (‘the DediPortal’)?

Every time DediPower responds to a ticket an email is sent to the customer. In the footer of this email is the line ‘you can fully manage your tickets by logging into our customer portal at’. What exactly is the portal and are you using it as effectively as possible?

The portal was created to allow customers to stay informed and access their account information. Over the past 12 months the functionality has been vastly extended, adding much interactivity so customers have much more control over their accounts. The main areas within the portal are:

  • Contact details for the relevant DediPower staff for your account
  • Account Management
    • A your details section (that can be edited)
  • User management section where users can be added, removed and edited. The ability to delegate user permissions within your account
  • Assign account emergency contacts for out of hours support
    • Account billing section containing the current status and content of all invoices
  • Managed Services & Co-Location
    • An overview table that can be sorted by any field, containing a variety of details for any servers on the account
    • A summary of the bandwidth utilisation over the month
    • Server details section
      • All the specific details for a server
      • Exportable list of all the servers IP addresses, reverse DNS and bandwidth used (in rounded units as well as in raw bytes)
      • Server emergency contact details (this is stored as well as the overall account emergency contact details)
      • Where applicable a ‘reboot server’ button is displayed – please use this infrequently as it power cycles the server
  • Support
    • Create a new ticket section, with a drop down option allowing the selection of any device on the account
    • An overview table that can show any combination of your tickets or all tickets on the account and tickets in an open or closed state, tickets can also be searched.
    • All open tickets can be replied to
    • Ticket subscribers can be added, these are extra email addresses that will be emailed if there is any ticket activity (particularly useful if a ticket involves multiple people, or if the original ticket creator was to go on holiday and be unavailable)
  • Other Tools
    • DNS Master Zones section containing a list of all the master zone names which can each be expanded to show the actual records
    • DNS Slave Zone section listing the slave zones, new zones can be added and current zones deleted (this prepopulates a ticket for DediPower support)
    • Reverse DNS section for every IP address on the account
    • API (Application Programming Interface) section containing details of how to use the API that has been created for the portal, allowing a system to be written in any language and use live data from your account. Some example code has been provided to show how the API may be used
  • Community
    • Join the DediPower product community
    • Try new DediPower products before launch
    • Give feedback on existing products and solutions
    • Find out about upcoming news and events
    • Find help and join discussions on new technologies

After undergoing a review of all the previous feedback, designing and building a new solution, we feel the revamped portal should enable customers to manage their account more effectively. Rather than add many new features we instead put a focus onto the usability aspect. After reviewing the most heavily used areas of the portal we attempted to simplify these, removing unnecessary buttons, using show hide elements to only display data as required, using AJAX where possible to avoid constantly reloading pages and having items greyed out until they become applicable. This means the application should be much more intuitive and avoid any confusion.

Any feedback or feature requests you may have on the portal can be sent from within the portal using the ‘feedback’ button at the top right of the screen.

Have fun using the portal!

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