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Alex Davies – work placement in Pulsant Marketing

public sector show 2018 big brand ideas

Key events

  • Day 1: Public Sector Show @ Excel Centre, London Docklands
  • Day 2: HR induction, Ops & Marketing @ new Pulsant office, Axis House, Newcastle
  • Day 3: Digital & web strategy @ BBI offices, Macclesfield

What did you learn?

  • Meetings take longer than I thought
  • (Lots of) different ways of targeting businesses through marketing
  • Costs per click ads actually do cost real money!
  • How accepting people are at Pulsant of me & how welcome they made me

What did you enjoy?

  • Business side of the placement – exhibitions and marketing
  • Learning business terms and concepts – B2B, B2C, compliance…

What didn’t you enjoy?

  • Travel! London, Newcastle & Macclesfield in three days!
  • Length of the digital marketing meeting (too long?)


  • Experience was what I expected
  • How many different jobs and sides involved in Marketing

What new things did you do?

  • Met customers and prospects – hooking them in to our stand
  • Sat through a long strategy meeting…
  • Learnt about the HR side of business

…So has it changed your career aspirations?

  • No, I’m committed to the sport route but it was quite interesting
  • Could help me in the future




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