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A10 shares the load, helping you grow

March 2011 sees the deployment of a significant upgrade to Lumison’s cloud hosting platform. We have selected and are deploying new AX-series load balancers from best of breed vendor A10 Networks.

Not only does this upgrade provide future proofing and shows the continued investment Lumison are making in your hosting services with us, but a range of new services will be implemented to improve service for all our cloud web hosting customers.

Key new features, transparent to our customers, include:

  • Content caching to accelerate the user experience and decrease web server requests
  • Compression to reduce transmitted data payloads and speed up website page downloads
  • Network level TCP optimization, reducing unnecessary TCP connections
  • This means our platform continues to provide you with market-leading performance and the highest possible quality of service at the best possible value.
  • The infrastructure investment also provides us with options for rolling out new services in the future on our scalable PAAS (Platform as a Service), hot on the heels on our recent rollout of RedHat Enterprise 5.
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