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A plea for plain english


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The ability to use plain language in the IT industry is becoming more important than ever, according to Chris Reynolds, Partner Manager at Pulsant. As a relative newcomer to the IT industry (I moved to IT in 2008) the one thing that struck me was the constant use of jargon. From technical terms to the marketing hype surrounding technologies, the industry really does love its buzz words and tech speak.

While this is a mere annoyance for someone like me, focused on selling IT services and expertise through the channel, how does this affect the relationship with customers?

The simple fact is that IT is just a cost of doing business; it enables certain processess and enables organisations to do particular things, but ultimately is almost like a grudge purchase. Customers, regardless of industry or market, don’t necessarily have the in-house skills and expertise to rely on when it comes to making IT-based decisions, evaluating new technologies or implementing associated products. As a result, they rely on established IT providers and trusted suppliers to guide them through the maze of jargon and marketing speak.

This is compounded by the fact that there is more choice than ever before when it comes to technology and consumption of IT. This also means that the marketplace itself is highly competitive, filled with myriad suppliers with competing solutions, conflicting messages and increasing complexity.

A prime example of this is the cloud space where, in addition to phrases like private, public and hybrid cloud, there are continuing arguments over the precise definition of cloud, its benefits, effective migration to the cloud, optimising it and how to combine it with other services. This makes it difficult to compare both cloud providers and their offerings on a like-for-like basis.

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