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The cloud market has moved incredibly fast over the last few years, delivering several benefits to businesses, from cost savings and flexibility to scalability and high performance. It’s moved beyond the public versus private debate that went on during early cloud adoption and has evolved into something that addresses organisational appetite for innovation and technology solutions that are fit for purpose.

But in making cloud the first port of call for all hosting deployments and broadening adoption, are there any best practices that businesses need to consider? When it comes to technology there are always best practices and proven approaches that help businesses get the most from it and learn from other more mature adopters.

The same is true with cloud; to optimise your cloud environment you need a planned and structured approach to migration. Whether you’re adopting more cloud, such as AWS, or migrating to AWS for the first time, you need to take a step back and assess how you’re using cloud already and how you’re planning to use it before embarking on a transformation or consolidation strategy.

The objectives of this assessment include:

  • A thorough review of your cloud platform, systems and operational processes
  • A technical assessment aligning to vendor best practices, extensive experience and globally recognised benchmarks
  • A security and compliance analysis of risks
  • An assessment of budgets and capability estimates to help avoid overspending and optimise user experience
  • A recommendation that provides a clear report of findings and expert guidance to drive identified efficiencies

Based on our years of experience in the cloud and managed hosting market, especially as an AWS Managed Service Provider and Advanced Consulting Partner, we’ve put together a list of things to consider:

  1. Look at your drivers for cloud transformation or consolidation: These could be optimising cost savings, improving performance and productivity of your technology (and ultimately your staff), and enhancing your operational efficiency.
  2. Discovery: We can help you take a look at your AWS environment, looking at elements such as whether your servers, storage and network can support your requirements. We also look at your operational and cost issues to ensure that you’re using the right suppliers to meet your needs.
  3. Data collection: Once discovery is completed, we conduct a detailed technical audit of your AWS environment, using a host of tools if needed. This raw data is gathered and packaged for analysis in the next stage.
  4. Analysis: We analyse the raw data to build up a comprehensive picture of your AWS infrastructure and how you are using it. We compare this to your requirements and produce a set of recommendations that allow you to realise your cloud goals.
  5. Report: Our findings will be fully documented in a comprehensive report, focused on technical assessment but including cost, performance, security, business continuity, and operational processes. The report will highlight areas for immediate concern, areas to investigate, and opportunities for improvement, and provides the blueprint for a business-case justification if further action is required.

Once you’ve considered these steps and gone through the process, why should you work with the Pulsant team on deploying or optimising your AWS infrastructure?

Experience, know-how and reputation

With more than 20 years of experience in the cloud, colocation and managed hosting market we are well placed to deliver the most efficient and effective AWS cloud infrastructure to suit your unique business requirements. We understand the industry in which you operate, the challenges you face and your need to be more efficient, save money, improve agility and optimise your AWS performance.

By working with us you receive access to a wealth of AWS knowledge, as well as cloud expertise in general. We have the resources and skills it takes to deliver an AWS Managed Services solution that meets your needs and drives business value.

With us, you get the best in management, from infrastructure monitoring, access control, to maintenance and security.