The UK’s Digital Divide

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The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation as organisations strive for agility in some of the most volatile market conditions ever experienced. But as the race to digitalise business accelerates, are some organisations falling behind? And are strategy and planning being overlooked?

This research set out to establish if the UK is facing a digital divide by measuring how businesses are faring in this era of concentrated transformation, what barriers they are facing, the concerns they have and confidence in long-term digital success.

“Digital has emerged as more critical than ever after the events of the last 12 months. This has increased organisations’ expectations from IT and accelerated the pace of change”

Simon Michie,
Chief Technology Officer

See how the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in the UK

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Why this research matters

We surveyed 200 IT decision-makers and 200 business leaders from mid-size businesses to understand:

The UK’s digital progress How far have organisations come on their transformation journeys?

Barriers and concerns What obstacles are organisations facing in the pursuit of agility?

The way forward How can organisations successfully transform and reach their digital potential?

Summary of key findings

Digital is no longer an aspiration. Organisations across the UK universally believe business is digital with 99% saying digitalisation is now critical to success.

2020 has supercharged digital transformation The pandemic has accelerated transformation for UK organisations with many forced to revisit infrastructure strategies for reasons including security and compliance, the need to transition more workloads to cloud and better access to infrastructure.

And barriers are hindering digital success 88% are facing digital transformation barriers including access to relevant skills, identifying the right systems and cultural challenges.

This is causing concerns for
IT decision-makers
Concerns cover a range of areas including strategy, implementation, skills, infrastructure and location.

And clear digital divides are emerging

Crossing the digital divide

Businesses recognise digital as the primary tool to achieve agility and cloud in particular has been instrumental in enabling businesses to scale up and down as required. However, while many organisations are progressing on their transformation journeys, there is a significant minority that are yet to realise their full potential.

Are you on the right side of the digital divide?

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