AMP Data Governance, Security & Continuity



Store your data where it’s safe; on-premises or in Pulsant datacentres, aligned with your specific regulatory environment and utilise the benefits of the cloud to offer your customers highly availble cloud applications.

Serve your clients better while keeping their data secureA secure, compliant hybrid cloud platform
  • Keep data secure, on-premises or in our datacenters, while serving customer’s reliable and scalable front-end services.
  • Aligns perfectly with any regulatory environment, making sure you can innovate and improve services.
  • Build hybrid applications that span on-premises infrastructure and Azure, without compromising privacy or performance.
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Safeguard business continuity of on-premises applications
  • Orchestrated, automated protection and disaster recovery makes sure you have ongoing replication of data at all times.
  • Continuous health monitoring ensures your backups and replicated data are always valid.
  • Test recovery plans without any impact on day to day business or application performance.
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Deploy applications globally without comprimising regulations and compliance

No need to create multiple applications for different regulatory environments. One application pattern overns your deployment worldwide, with per-country or location-based policies to make sure data and security is compliant with rules and regulations.

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Continuous Compliance with the Pulsant Compliance Platform

A continuous 360° view on the state of your IT compliance

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We continually ensure your IT is fully compliant with relevant regulatory frameworks

Whatever your regulatory and industry requirements are, such as FCA, ISO27001, PCI. We ensure compliance 24x7x365.

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Our compliance platform monitors your IT in real time

With 24/7 monitoring, non-intrusive vulnerability & penetration testing we automatically generate non-compliance reports.

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Out-of-the-box support for any IT environment

Whether you utilise Azure public cloud, Azure Stack on-premises or a different hybrid model, we ensure compliance across your environments.

Explore the technology in amplify Data Governance
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Easily manage cost with the same pricing model across environments.
  • No upfront licensing fees for Azure services in a hybrid scenario.
  • With our CSP status you have no additional licensing model to worry about.
  • Only pay when you use services.
  • Metering is done using the same units as Azure.
  • Lower pricing in Azure stack, since you operate some of the hardware and facilities yourself.
  • A fixed-price “capacity model” available for disconnected systems on-premises.
  • A single unified invoice for all your services.

Journey To The Cloud and amplify your business

From the discovery phase to design and deployment, our Journey To The Cloud offers services like complete assesments of your environments, providing test set-ups, technical consultancy, implementation and deployment to fully managed services like monitoring, support and reporting.

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Foundation Services:
Readiness & Transformation
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Consultancy Services:
Strategy & Technical Implementation
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Managed Services
Journey To the Cloud