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Pulsant completes latest phase of £18m upgrade to Croydon data centre

Cloud expert builds and configures own high voltage network

Reading, UK – 20 June 2014 – Pulsant, the cloud computing, managed hosting and colocation expert, has completed the latest set of improvements to its Tier iii South London data centre facility. The upgrades are the next phase in an £18m investment and have boosted the site’s levels of redundancy and uptime.

Backup generator foundations

Pulsant built and configured its own high voltage (HV) network on site, which enables it to expand the facility in terms of power with a minimal disruption to customers. This is the first HV network across the company’s 10 data centre network.

“The HV network gives Pulsant added flexibility when it comes to bringing more power into the site,” says Matt Lovell, CTO, Pulsant. “It enables us to approach future growth in a modular fashion. And the key advantage is that when this is taking place, there will be a minimum of disruption to our existing customers.”

backup generator

Other improvements include the increase of the main electrical power supply and enhanced redundancy through the addition of standby generators. The site now offers 2N power generation capabilities with electricity provisioned from two independent sources. This ensures that there is no single point of failure.

“We have also added more dark fibre options in terms of capacity and connections to the site. These new links have been provided by Zayo Networks and, as with our other dark fibre options, they offer low latency connectivity straight into the heart of London with diverse roots.”


The Croydon data centre has also achieved the latest PCI DSS compliance.

“This latest upgrade follows on our recent £14m improvement project that was completed in January 2013, and ultimately completes the next step in our committed investment plan of £18m for the South London site,” concludes Lovell.

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Pulsant boosts Maidenhead Data Centre with multi-million pound investment

Facility upgrade delivers faster connectivity, efficiency and reliability to data centre customers

We are pleased to announce that we are currently in the process of completing a series of upgrades to the electrical and mechanical systems within our Maidenhead Data Centre facility, including changes to the data centre environment and network.

Our Maidenhead data centre plays host to a number of local businesses, many of whom have long standing relationships with Pulsant. The campus incorporates two data centres and is the second largest in our network of 10 owned data centres throughout the UK. The upgrade began with the installation of a new UPS (uninterruptable power supply) architecture, and extends to the addition of a network operations centre (NOC) to complement its existing onsite support team, as well as an upgrade valued at over £200,000 of its core switch network across the campus. It features the latest technology and meets the standards set by the rest of our group data centre networks.

Matt Lovell, Pulsant CTO, says: “The upgrade is the result of a combination of factors, including meeting our clients’ changing requirements, and ensuring we deliver the best possible services and solutions by using the most up to date technology within our facilities.

“Many of our customers are based in and around the Thames Valley area and have a large footprint at our facility. It was therefore important for us to ensure that their needs were met by delivering added stability, better bandwidth and faster connections to enjoy in and out of the data centre. We have recently added a wide range of connectivity options with our partner Equinix, as well as high capacity interconnections to our Reading and London data centres.

“There’s a great sense of community amongst our clients here as many of them have been with Pulsant for some time. They understand the site and get exactly what they need from us in terms of an efficient, cost-effective solution for rack space outside of London but with great performance and low latency,” says Lovell.

The Tier 2 facility is also benefiting from the expansion of the company’s risk management framework. Maidenhead is undergoing PCI DSS accreditation, as well as Business Impact Level 2 (IL 2) certification, which are expected to be finalised in May this year.

“This added accreditation ensures that our customers benefit directly by being able to offer their customers additional secure services, while assuring them that our services and solutions have a new level of compliance over and above our existing accreditations,” concludes Lovell.

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Pulsant’s Newbridge data centre caters to local business

Upgrades to tier 3 facility attracts numerous local SME clients

Pulsant, the cloud computing, managed hosting and colocation expert, has attracted a number of businesses seeking to benefit from its newly upgraded data centre facility in Newbridge, just outside of Edinburgh.

The 210 rack data centre features multi-level security and ultra-fast connectivity with low latency to London locations. Its seven data halls are all online and operational, and have been designed in a modular fashion to optimise energy usage and cooling.

“We’ve seen a tremendous increase in interest in our colocation services in the region, especially by local small and medium sized businesses that are discovering just how cost-effective managed hosting and colocation services can be,” says Chris Shields, regional sales director, Pulsant. “We have the facilities to offer these types of businesses exactly what they need – from a single rack through to a multi-rack solution – which are made more attractive with the addition of our support and managed service options.

“Colocation is ideal for SMBs as it brings them cost savings, future proofing and reduced risk. In addition, it frees up in-house IT staff to focus on internal infrastructure.”

Other local customers include IntelligentComms, a supplier of bespoke, flexible and modular telecoms expense management solutions; Factonomy, a business continuity and disaster recovery software provider; RMJM, an international architectural practice; and Wolfson Microelectronics, a supplier of mixed signal semiconductors.

Gareth Cleland, head of IT, RMJM says: “We now have the security and the peace of mind of a managed environment that has fire and power protection and is manned 24/7 by knowledgeable support staff. This is in stark contrast to the in-house option which would have involved making a significant capital investment in our office located right next to a river, which is not best practice. The Newbridge colocation facility has given us far greater flexibility and in the event that we need to downsize or the dynamics of the office change, we can move the office without any disruption to services for the rest of the organisation.”

Andrew Ralston, director of IS & security, Wolfson Microelectronics says: “We first selected Pulsant more than eight years ago when we were looking for a reliable provider of connectivity services and the most robust and secure disaster recovery site. We needed a local facility within a suitable distance from our head office to meet all of our business continuity requirements. We have been partnering with Pulsant ever since and now use their colocation facilities too. Now we host the disaster recovery solution at Newbridge and have been using this model for the last five years.”

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C4L signs three-year deal with Pulsant

Investment in upgrading Maidenhead Data Centre facility brings benefits to customers

We are delighted to announce that our long-term client C4L have renewed their contract with Pulsant by signing a three-year deal. C4L is a provider of colocation, connectivity, cloud and communications and currently has a large footprint within our Maidenhead Data Facility.

The company has been a client for four years and in that time has added to the services that Pulsant provides, initially making use of the Maidenhead campus before expanding to Pulsant’s Milton Keynes facility. These services include colocation, power supply and connectivity along three wavelengths between sites in Maidenhead, Milton Keynes and London.

“We have a significant presence in Maidenhead with a number of racks there, and we host several of our clients at this campus,” says Simon Mewett, CEO, C4L. “By committing to a new three-year deal we are, in effect, committing to the Maidenhead site. It offers us a cost-effective destination outside of London, with excellent connectivity between the site and the city with low latency. It is also an excellent disaster recovery facility to support our other sites.

“The recent multi-million pound investment that Pulsant has put into the Maidenhead upgrade has made the latest technology available to us and enables us to pass those benefits onto our clients.”

Upgrades to the Maidenhead campus include electrical and mechanical improvements, enhanced connectivity into and out of the facility, and an expansion of the company’s risk management framework. A new UPS – uninterruptible power supplies – architecture, new plant rooms for the devices, separate LV and UPS switch rooms, and a new area to house the UPS batteries have been built. This ensures that Pulsant is providing an N+1 redundant power supply to all racks with single and dual fed supplies from new distribution points up to 6kw.

Further upgrades are also taking place, including the inclusion of 32amp and dual fed rack space, customer areas for meetings and downtime, as well as build room and secure storage facilities.

“In addition to the upgrade, over the years we’ve had excellent service from the remote hands support team at Maidenhead. They are an experienced and knowledgeable team who know our business and can quickly assist us and implement what we need,” concludes Mewett.

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Pulsant supports South London development through partnership with Develop Croydon Forum

Cloud, hosting and colocation experts Pulsant has joined the Develop Croydon Forum, an initiative promoting the London borough of Croydon, as a full partner. Develop Croydon is an influential organisation which aims to promote the borough as a location in which to invest, work and live. The announcement follows the completion of the first phase of Pulsant’s £14 million, three-year investment programme to create a new South London Data Centre Campus at its existing site in Croydon.

Through partnering with the Forum, and taking part in local events including the Develop Croydon Conference, Pulsant is helping to stimulate the regeneration and economic renewal of the borough. The company is committed to encouraging inward investment and collaboration with local businesses.

Mark Howling, CEO at Pulsant comments, “Getting involved with Develop Croydon is important for Pulsant and the local business community Develop Croydon supports. By getting involved, and encouraging more organisations to look at the facilities the borough has to offer, we can help establish Croydon as the flourishing business community it is. For example, there are now more than 600 technology and digital marketing organisations based in the borough, making it an ideal location for technology innovators.”

Richard Plant, Chairman of the Develop Croydon Forum and a Director of Stiles Harold Williams surveyors, said, “We are delighted Pulsant has demonstrated its commitment to the future well-being of Croydon by becoming a full partner of the Develop Croydon Forum. Now in its third year, the Forum exists to provide platform for businesses with a vested interest in Croydon to positively influence the latest developments in the borough.”

The Pulsant South London Campus will make a considerable impact on IT provisioning for Croydon and the surrounding areas, including Greater London. Only 10 miles from London’s city centre, it offers secure, resilient and competitively priced, high capacity data storage facilities and ultra-fast connectivity close to the capital’s financial and commercial heart.

Once complete, Pulsant’s South London Campus will offer over 8,400m² of data centre space in eight separate data halls, supporting a total of 1,680 racks at between 2 and 10Kw per rack. As a dedicated data centre campus site, it also offers on-site technical teams, enterprise class processes and comfortable facilities for clients’ IT staff, including; parking, rest rooms, kitchen and facilities, dedicated offices and meeting rooms.

The scale of Pulsant South London allows customers to consume capacity to suit their requirements. Options range from single racks and cages to fully customised private data suites and even dedicated data halls. Customers can consume capacity on either a usage or fixed cost basis and for larger kilowatt (Kw) power requirements, which is traditionally associated with larger wholesale transactions, as such customers can take advantage of Pulsant’s flexible terms whilst still maintaining a highly competitive price.

Pulsant also provides additional capacity at ten other strategic data centre locations throughout the UK, including Scotland, Milton Keynes and Reading.

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Pulsant Colocation Helps Core DataCloud Expand its Data Recovery Business

Cloud, colocation and connectivity experts, Pulsant is providing enterprise class colocation facilities to Core DataCloud, a leading provider of Data Recovery as a Service for UK mid-market companies.

With its servers now housed in Pulsant’s Tier 3 data centre in Reading, Core DataCloud is better placed to scale up its competitively priced, disaster recovery and business continuity business. Critically, Pulsant will provide an ideal environment to support Core DataCloud’s growth, which has already seen an increase in its data volumes from 20 terabytes to 100 terabytes in 2012.

core-data-cloudCore DataCloud is one of the first UK companies to exploit EMC Isilon cluster storage system which allows it to provide innovative new solutions to a diverse range of customers that include The Scottish Ballet, the National Theatre of Scotland, CT Homes and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Providing an optimised environment for this advanced platform was a prime factor in its choice of Pulsant as colocation partner.

Sharad Saggar, CEO of Core DataCloud comments, “Moving our solutions to an EMC enterprise class platform was a big investment for the company. We needed to support this with the right data centre – one that could not only accommodate our existing requirements but which could provide the rack capacity needed to ramp up our operations as our business grows.

Pulsant not only offered contract flexibility, site scalability and service responsiveness, it also operates to the same ISO27001 standards as our own business and provides a guaranteed safe and secure environment for our servers.”

Saggar adds, “Pulsant also monitors the network perimeter and has systems in place to deal with power fluctuations and outages. There are maintenance teams available, if required, who are responsive and always work within consistent time frames. We can rely on Pulsant to provide ‘intelligent hands’ if we do have any issues.”

Core DataCloud’s data protection and recovery services run on purpose-built backup appliances unified with cloud storage. Pulsant provides the highly resilient, 100 per cent available operating environment to optimise performance of the company’s enterprise class business critical storage platforms. It also provides the security, monitoring services and site facilities which are important to colocation customers seeking a safe and practical location to house their equipment.

Mark Howling, CEO of Pulsant says, “For many colocation customers, like Core DataCloud, it’s not simply about providing server space. Their business is built on trust and maintaining service is mission critical. That’s why we strive to deliver a consistent, always on operating environment that is designed for efficiency, resilience and optimisation – not only at Reading but at every one of our ten UK data centres.”

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Pulsant By Royal Appointment

Cloud, colocation and connectivity experts, Pulsant has been awarded a Royal Warrant as a provider of hosted IT and data centre services to the Royal Household. As one of the country’s leading independent providers of data centre services, Pulsant will join a select group of Royal Warrant holders.

Pulsant serves over 3,000 customers from its ten enterprise class, UK based datacentres, providing colocation, managed hosting, managed applications, managed networking and cloud computing services. It also has points of presence in New York, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

Pulsant’s team of hosting experts specialise in designing and managing complex IT architecture that releases organisations of all sizes from the constraints and costs of managing their own infrastructure. In addition, the company sources 100 per cent of its energy from renewable sources.

The warrants are highly regarded as demonstrating excellence and quality, and are awarded for supplying goods or services to HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales for at least five years.

Mark Howling, CEO at Pulsant, comments: “Royal Warrants are rare and highly respected for recognising the highest standards of service, excellence and quality. Our Royal Warrant cements our commitment to delivering world-class data solutions and services, backed by our unique ‘Triple A’ service model – which ensures customers have the right ‘Access to the right people, that those people have the right Ability and can take the necessary Action’ to support them 24/7/365.”

Howling continues: “Organisations of all sizes are increasingly reliant on managing their data. We are focused on providing our clients with the best quality solutions, consultancy and services to help them be more efficient, effective and profitable.”

Pulsant has customers from a wide range of sectors, from eCommerce, digital design, eLearning and professional services to other cloud computing providers and IT application developers.

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Scotland’s leading independent colocation provider, ScoLocate, acquired by Pulsant

Pulsant adds tenth data centre, strengthening its position as a leading provider of managed IT services from its own data centres in the UK

ScoLocate, Scotland’s leading independent colocation provider, has been acquired by managed cloud, hosting and connectivity expert, Pulsant. The move boosts Pulsant’s operational scale and presence in Scotland and is part of a continued strategic growth programme to become one of the UK’s leading data centre services providers.

All of ScoLocate’s existing 25 staff will join Pulsant’s 150-strong team of highly-skilled data centre services personnel, further enhancing the delivery of its managed hosting, cloud infrastructure, managed network and colocation services.

ScoLocate’s data centre in Edinburgh provides 75,000 sq ft of space and hosts over 30 telecommunication carriers, making it one of the most connected commercially available data centres outside the M25.

The acquisition represents a significant step in the continued development of Pulsant. The combined business will have 240,000 sq ft of data centre space, a total rack capacity in excess of 4,000, and will service over 3,000 public and private sector clients directly, and many thousands more indirectly.

This acquisition will bring Pulsant’s nationwide network of data centres up to 10, positioning it as a leading supplier of data centre services in the UK. The expanding network will give customers greater choice by allowing them to access multiple regional datacentres offering a range of high availability options.

As Pulsant already owns a data centre facility in Edinburgh, the addition of ScoLocate’s facility will make Pulsant the only supplier to be able to deliver services from wholly-owned dual sites in Scotland. This will allow it to better service the needs of those Scottish businesses who want to replicate systems and data securely across locations, without compromising latency.

The Pulsant management team is experienced in successful acquisition and operational integration, having formed Pulsant from the merger of Scottish company Lumison with DediPower and Blue Square Data. The further addition of ScoLocate brings the company’s combined 2012 revenue to over £40 million.

Mark Howling, CEO of Pulsant, comments, “ScoLocate is a fantastic acquisition for Pulsant – and a great fit in terms of culture, customer-centric approach and facilities. Not only does it support our business growth in Scotland, it also adds to our UK data centre presence by adding outstanding network connectivity and additional capacity. At the same time, it provides us with a strong team of like-minded, highly skilled individuals who are experts in supporting data centre services. This moves us further towards our goal of being the data centre services partner of choice for UK businesses.”

Managing Director of ScoLocate, Roy Maxwell, highlights the acquisition’s collective benefits to existing customers and staff: “As part of Pulsant, ScoLocate will be able to offer a broader range of services, and increased options for resilience, not just within Scotland but across the UK. As part of a bigger family with more resources, our Scottish team will have greater career opportunities and more scope for personal development while retaining the same dynamic, customer-focused culture which has been central to both companies’ success.”

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Pulsant expands Tier 4 data centre to meet escalating demand for high availability

Milton Keynes facility gears up to support data critical enterprises migrating to colocation, managed hosting and cloud computing.

Cloud, colocation and connectivity experts, Pulsant has completed a major £3.8 million expansion at its Tier 4 data centre in Milton Keynes, bringing the site’s total capacity to 37,000 sq ft.

The expansion will support both large and small UK businesses, which rely on mission-critical data, by delivering trusted colocation, managed hosting and cloud computing services from highly resilient, high density Tier 4 level facilities. It will also provide additional space for Pulsant’s existing enterprise and large-scale financial service tenants to grow.

Mark Howling, CEO at Pulsant, comments, “This is a flagship data centre in a prime ‘out of London’ location for businesses seeking an established, high quality, highly secure and PCI compliant facility. It operates to ISO27001, supports high rack power densities up to 15Kw, is connected by a resilient, multi-carrier high speed network with 0.2ms of network latency and is within one hour of the Capital.”

Nationwide, Pulsant serves 3,000 customers from its eight UK datacentres, which range from Tier 2 to Tier 4. Current UK expansion programmes, at Milton Keynes, Reading, South London and Scotland, are adding a further 2,000 racks – ramping up the company’s UK capacity in strategic locations, where it is needed most.

Howling adds, “Many businesses, particularly in financial services, retail and enterprise sectors, as well as Software as a Service providers, are looking for Tier 4 facilities that offer the right combination of resilience, 100 per cent availability and 24/7 service. At Milton Keynes, Pulsant is able to provide flexible, cost-conscious data storage solutions that meet a broad range of needs. For those whose data is absolutely crucial for sales, CRM or business operations, our enhanced Tier 4 facilities offer unmatched resilience, performance and support to keep their websites, databases and networks live at all times. That’s why over 100 customers already trust our Milton Keynes site.”

Milton Keynes provides superior resilience through multiple utility sources, advanced power management and sophisticated operational and system monitoring; making it ideal for companies seeking secure off-site data storage or business recovery, data backup and compliance requirements. In addition, the facility is designed to minimise environmental impact as 100 per cent of its energy is from renewable and sustainable resources.

The extended data centre will also be used to provide multi-site capability for Pulsant’s recently launched Enterprise Cloud platform, designed to offer new levels of speed, efficiency and performance for customers looking to take advantage of cloud computing applications and services. Milton Keynes is diversely linked to Pulsant’s other data centre’s to provide a wide range of multi-site services including business continuity and disaster recovery.

Howling concludes, “As one of the country’s leading independent suppliers of data centre services, we are delighted to be able to invest in facilities that free enterprises from the constraints and costs of managing their own infrastructure. Our investment in Milton Keynes, once again, confirms our commitment to delivering world-class data solutions backed by outstanding support and renowned customer service.”

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Pulsant helps Alzheimer Scotland connect its national support network

Cloud and hosting experts, Pulsant is providing a powerful communications backbone to link Alzheimer Scotland’s growing network of local offices to help them better support individuals, carers and communities.

Campaigning for the rights of people with dementia and their families, the charity provides an extensive range of innovative and personalised services. This requires extensive coordination between its 1,000 staff spread across 50 sites – from the most populated cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen to the remotest parts of the Highlands and Islands. Communication is vital to the delivery of these services.

Pulsant supplies a broad base of IT and networking solutions including Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, broadband services, outsourced email and co-located servers for data storage and web hosting. In addition to connecting the charity’s local offices, Pulsant’s solution also helps support its network of community-based Dementia Advisors, the Specialist Dementia Nurse Programme and Dementia Research Centre at The University of Edinburgh, as well as its large information-filled website and 24 hour Freephone helpline.

Gus Mitchell, IT Manager, Alzheimer Scotland, explains, “We are constantly looking at ways to build on existing investment to deliver even better services for our staff and users. Pulsant offers us a range of services that we can ‘bolt on’ to enhance and extend our centralised infrastructure as it continues to evolve. Not only do they offer robust technical solutions that can accommodate the challenges of working across dispersed operations, disparate systems and remote locations, they are also able to service our business from a network and data centres in Scotland.

Mitchell adds, “Pulsant provides us with a highly personalised service whose ‘human’ approach reflects our own operational philosophy. Although we purchase their IT solutions, it is the people behind the delivery that make them stand out. They are now a valued partner that adds real value to our charity and the effectiveness of our teams.”

Mark Howling, CEO of Pulsant, states, “We are delighted to be working with Alzheimer Scotland which provides crucial care, social, information and support services for so many families and individuals. By ensuring they have access to flexible IT services as and when they need them we hope we can contribute to helping them deliver secure high-quality, personalised services for all those affected by the illness.”

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