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Protect your business, reputation and revenue from the DDoS threat

We’ve all seen the recent headlines: Cyber attacks are on the rise, targeting big brands and small businesses alike. And cyber criminals are using more sophisticated ways to extort money, steal credentials or cause massive disruption. Topping the security agenda is distributed denial of service (DDoS) - a massive flood of traffic sent to a website or network to overwhelm servers and crash it. Whether these attacks are seeking to disrupt your operations, mask a secondary attack or out to exact a ransom, you simply can’t afford the downtime and the negative impact it will have on your brand, customers and bottom line.

Pulsant works with a number of leading security vendors to ensure, not only that our network and IT estate is secure, but that your data, systems and applications are protected. Coupled with the right credentials - ISO27100 and CSA Star accreditation for cloud security - we work with our customers to ensure their business has the right safeguards in place.

We offer a host of security services, including our newly-launched Pulsant DDoS Protect designed to minimise the impact and disruption you may experience during an attack. To discover more about this solution and the ways in which we can help your business, take a look at our brochure, whitepaper, infographic and our other resources. Alternatively, get in touch with us today.

DDoS Best Practice

Best practice guide

Putting together a comprehensive plan to protect against the DDoS threat can be complex. We’ve put together a best practice guide to help.

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Pulsant DDoS Protect Brochure


Discover DDoS Protect, our new security offering that helps our customers mitigate the risks of DDoS attacks.

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